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SW Washington Clean Air Agency Changeout Program (started, 2012)

This woodstove changeout grant permits funding to residents within the Vancouver, Washington Urban Growth Boundary. Grants for outside the area are on a wait list. Credit amounts depend on the type of heating unit. Grants of between $500 to $1,500 are available. There is up to a $250 rebate from the dealer and the Clark PUD is offering additional rebates on ductless heating systems. For income-qualified applicants SWCAA may double the above amounts. For information, click this link: http://www.swcleanair.org/ws/wsqna.asp

Woodstove Changeout Programs in Oregon (expired)

Oregon DEQ received $2 million in ARRA funds from the Oregon Department of Energy to conduct woodstove changeouts by replacing old uncertified woodstoves with cleaner, more efficient burning devices. DEQ anticipates a targeted goal of woodstove replacements in four Oregon communities. The four communities have poor air quality due to wood smoke emissions; these communities are Klamath Falls, Oakridge, Lakeview and Burns/Hines. DEQ's woodstove changeout program has a two-pronged approach:

Total replacement and installation for low-income individuals of the uncertified heating system with a more efficient and less polluting heating device. An incentive rebate program for the general public to encourage replacement of an uncertified woodstove with a more efficient and less polluting heating device. The uncertified device must be removed and destroyed, and the new replacement device must be installed to meet local building codes.

This program RAN from June 2010 through February 1, 2012. To read more information about woodstoves and their impact on the environment, visit the Woodstoves web page. A woodstove changeout program is available in both Klamath Falls and Lakeview.



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