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Information Guide to Gas Fireplace Incentives

Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO)


ETO Releases Gas Fireplace Survey Results (December 2013)

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Rev 9-27-2013

ETO Information Guide (pdf)

Click here to download the guide: ETO_GasFireplace_information_guide_OHPBA_9-13.pdf

Retailers, here is some valuable information from ETO. Your customers may qualify for up to $250 in cash incentives based on the Fireplace Efficiency, or FE, score of their direct-vent gas fireplace.

FE (%) Incentive
Tier 1 65.0-69.9 $200
Tier 2 70.0+ $250
The FE score of each qualifying model is provided on the list of Energy Trust qualifying gas fireplace models.

ETO UPDATE - The $75 bonus link went live earlier than expected so it is available now! Please see links and attachments in reference to the Energy Trust Fall Gas Fireplace Bonus.

http://energytrust.org/Residential/Promotions/beat-winters-blast.aspx?amp;utm_campaign=fall-bonus-offer-2013&utm_medium=direct-mail&utm_content=insulation-fireplace&utm_source=retail-POP .

Incentives that are available in addition to our standard incentives.

- Standard Tier 1 - $200 and Tier 2 - $250 incentives plus fall bonus of an additional $75 to the participant.

- Must use promotion code 2013FB on the NEW320H application (attached) in order to receive the bonus, or use online application https://energytrust.org/forms/residential/incentiveintake

- For WA participants, use Form 320WA (attached) and write 2013FB in top right hand corner of form or use online form https://energytrust.org/forms/residential/incentiveintake

-Qualifying models list attached, also located at www.energytrust/fireplace

-Must be installed by December 31, 2013.

If you need immediate assistance with our program resources, please contact our coordinator Heidi Geotz at 866.365.3526 option 9 or email existinghomesta@energytrust.org.

Eligibility Requirements

Fireplaces eligible for the incentive from Energy Trust must:

  • Be included on Energy Trust’s list of qualifying models
  • Be equipped with an intermittent pilot ignition, or pilot on-demand ignition
  • Be vented to the outside (direct-vented) with sealed combustion
  • Be installed by a licensed contractor
    To be eligible for the gas fireplace incentive from Energy Trust, customers must be a customer of Portland General Eelctric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, or Cascade Natural Gas in Oregon. NW Natural customers in Washington are also eligible for fireplace incentives.
  • For complete Energy Trust direct-vent gas fireplace cash incentive information, including installation steps and required forms, customers or retailers can visit: http://energytrust.org/fireplace

Selling Points

  • Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives for direct-vent gas fireplaces with intermittent pilot ignitions or pilot on-demand ignitions.
  • Direct-vent gas fireplaces that feature these ignition mechanisms are more energy-efficient than those using a standing pilot light, which is a small flame that stays perpetually lit unless manually turned off.
  • An electronic ignition system, such as an intermittent pilot ignition or pilot on-demand ignition, reduces energy use and utility costs by limiting ignition lighting to the times when the direct-vent gas fireplace is actually being used.
  • Gas fireplaces, when direct-vented with sealed combustion, are highly efficient and reduce energy use by providing heat directly to the desired interior space.

Qualified Products Lists

The qualified products lists are updated quarterly, but can be updated as needed if eligible models are not on the list. The current list of qualifying gas fireplace models can be found here: http://energytrust.org/library/forms/HES_LT_Qualified_GasFireplaces.pdf.

For convenience, Energy Trust suggests bookmarking our website for quick reference to the qualified products list and application forms.


Application Process


Customer applications are available online and retailers can provide a copy during the time of transaction.

Retailers are not required to fill out the application on behalf of the customer.

The gas fireplace installation contractor is required to sign the application as verification of completeness and accuracy, as well as provide the customer a paid-in-full invoice, detailing product and installation costs.

Remind your customers that their Incentive applications must be submitted within 90 days of the installation date of the fireplace to receive the incentive from Energy Trust.

Customers in Oregon must fill out this form: 320H

Customers of NW Natural in Washington must fill out this form: 320WA


About Energy Trust

Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers benefit from saving energy and generating renewable energy. Our services, cash incentives and solutions have helped participating customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas save more than $1 billion on their energy bills. Our work helps keep energy costs as low as possible and builds a sustainable energy future.


Employee Training

Energy Trust would also be happy to provide an in-store employee training on eligible models and program requirements. Energy Trust is also available to participate in promotional or store events to promote program incentives.

For any retailer questions or comments regarding Energy Trust of Oregon gas fireplace incentives including POP requests or getting models added to the qualified products list, please contact Shawn Frederickson at sfredrickson@fluidms.com or 503.688.1551.

For any customer questions please refer them to the Energy Trust hotline 1.866.368.7878 or send an email to info@energytrust.org.




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